About Us

26 years of accumulated experience in the hydrocarbons, petrochemical and energy sector at an international level.

Strategic locations in the USA, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico.

The Oxy Group was born with the vision of developing a business model focused on integral solutions at an international level, and on strengthening its position as a sustainable and socially responsible company.
We try to satisfy the needs and exceed the expectations of our clients, with a proactive attitude, sensitivity and commitment of people and processes that are continuously improving.

We facilitate the management of purchases and offers to our clients advising them throughout the process.

We work with first level brands and manufacturers with exclusive representation agreements

  • ¬†Origin: European + American
  • ¬†Destination: America + Europe

Integral advice of the product to our clients

Support in the internationalization of manufacturers.

Continuous training of our employees and our customers.